Sunday, June 19, 2005

Two Gals, Dad and a Computer Place

Well I suppose most or all of you have heard of
sarongpartygirl by now. Yes, she who professes to love
only Caucasian men, very well read and well traveled,
and mature beyond her 19yrs. I won’t write too much
about her blog, it’s easy to google for it. Then
there’s the NewPaper Sunday article whereby another
infamous female blogger(XX) comes out(or did they ask
her for interview too?) to pour fuel on fire by
lambasting about how SPG is trying to get more hits on
her blog. I suspect it’s because XX is threatened by
the close to ga-zillion hits that SPG is getting,
which dwarves hers. XX needs the hits on her inane
blog to keep advertisers happy and continue to pay her
so she can gallivant around town spouting expletives
and take snapshots to post onto her site, making it
‘interesting’. SPG did none of those, yet I suspect
she’ll keep readers going back to her site more often
now, for the right reasons or not. Bottom line, SPG is
a better read than XX. So there!

Is it supposed to be Father’s Day today? I’ve never
been close to my father since my teenage years. I
guess it’s cuz he was always getting into trouble
gambling, owing money to loansharks that my Mum
inevitably has to pay for him, scraping any few
dollars she can by working 2 to 3 jobs at a time. I
got more distant from him over my adult years,
preferring to keep him outta the loop about my life. I
remember when I got my present job, I was not too
frank about how much I brought home for a paycheck
monthly, fearing that he’ll ask me for money to spend
at the gambling tables. My last contact with him was
when he was lying on a hospital bed, from a minor
stroke, not more than 2 or 3 months ago. He looked so
helpless, so unlike the boisterous man that buys
treats for one and all when he wins at the tables but
takes out his frustration by shouting at Mum when he
loses. Yet I couldn’t sit next to him just to hold his
hand and ask how he was. I just stood there, looking
at this old, weak man … …

Went to Sim Lim Square to pick out upgrades for my PC.
Went to the few shops that I was familiar with and
picked out a DVD burner (cuz I’m downloading so many
movies my hard disk is starved of any gigabytes),
wireless keyboard/ mouse (less wires, happier me), and
new casing(midnight black, cool…). I must tell you if
I were any younger I’d spend hours at this place. They
have almost everything a PC hobbyist would need, and
more. LCD monitors, the fastest processors, mp3s of
all shapes and sizes, laptops that are priced so outta
my reach yet so deliciously desirable. Groups of
students huddle together, picking up every other
leaflet they are given to see how many few dollars
they can save, gawking at the latest games and video
cards. Tourists too, trawl this place for bargains
they can bring back home, for it is a well-known fact
that we have the most value for money electronics this
part of the world. Teenagers come with their parents
to convince them to part with hard earn cash so junior
can get the coolest/fastest graphics card to go with
his new MMORPG games. Picked up my black casing and
went on my way to put together my new buys. $300 in 1

I suspect I’ll have to go back again to get my camera,
when my bonus kicks in. I have shopping fever!

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powerpuff said...

I have to agree with you that SPG is a better read than XX. I complaint discreetly because about the latter's writings but everyone was so INTO her and even said things like 'ppl who said her site not good are jealous'

Anyway, im sure she has her followers for a good reason. She's entertaining. I am just not a fan. I rather read SPG's one. Maybe I am pervert.