Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Guys night out...

On National Day Eve, I called up my buddy redcocoon and headed down to Marina Bay as my Sis' The UnXpected were hired to give a short performance at the Powerhouse, next to Glutton Square.

We decided to buy take-aways from Carl's Junior, a little known burger joint new in Singapore. Big ass burgers, expensive too, but satisfying nonetheless. We sat and enjoyed other performances that were going on.There were podium dancers(not very good ones..), and I think the group called Fireflys. Now the Fireflys are a group of fire twirling peeps and drummers that perform all over. I guess for safety reasons they were using glow sticks, which is a pity. The main event for that hour has to be the band performance. The stage was set, and I must say I've never seen them on such a big stage. You can see that the guys were playing their hearts out, and had more armroom than the one that they usually get at Balaclava and Wala Wala. I took some clips down with me mobile and will try to put it up soon.

After that we moved on to Wala Wala and continued with our drinks. The band was more subdued, playing radio friendly hits but still entertaining an appreciative crowd. Brandon and Shirlyn had to rush off to KL for a recording for their coming album right after their set. I believe it will have more orginal materials this time round, so watch out for that.


Anonymous said...

Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddd.....ur glasses ...hahhhahahahah....oopsss...bottoms up!

powerpuff said...

sounds fun!

I wana go fun places some time.

Anonymous said...

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