Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Current affairs

It happens to the best of us; not keeping in touch with people around you. It could be as innocuous as not showing up for THAT gathering. Suddenly, you're outta the circle, left out of the fellowship of that particular ring. You try your darndest best to get back in, apologizing effusively for the last no-show. Sometimes you do get back in, but things don't seem the same anymore; the warmth, the camaraderie just no longer seem to be extended to you. Then you wonder how you can make amends, hoping that the inner circle would welcome you back into the bosom of the clan. The shite has hit the proverbial fan...

I've been fiddling with my 3-mth old A520, familiarizing myself with all the settings that I can possibly configure to make that one good shot. It's been met with mixed results; some days I take nice ones, others I suck at it big time. I take comfort in knowing that most people started off like me too, through a series of trial and error. I try to take shots of the most mundane of things around; the old street people, an action figure, buildings, even the salt shaker at the restaurant table. Trying to go beyond the standard big grins, choreographed poses, and "eh, wait I not ready yet!". Candid shots are much more fun eh? Click on my Flickr(on the right) and post some comments can?

IMG_0190 Different people, Different strokes...

Things are crazy around me right now. A tight roster whereby I'm flying off every other day doesn't bode well for the state of my flat. Everything is left hanging around unattended to, un-washed, un-dusted. I'd imagine the cleaners, if I were to hire any, would be tsk-ing all the way over the mismanagement of such a small flat. To think I'd be left to my own devices when my bro moves out in a month or so. Thankfully I have help from an angel from time to time. My Mum's also interested in moving back in with me, but I'm still iffy about that. Not exactly very bachelor pad when you wake up in your boxer and find your Mummy dearest going through your laundry. I'm sure there's a compromise, just have to find that piece of middle ground.

Next stops: Dubai, Osaka, London and also a short stopover in Hong Kong.


powerpuff said...

sounds like busy bee to me.
well, depends on what are you looking for.. if you want total freedom and a bachelor pad, mummy moving in is a bad move.

take care of yourself! I wana fly around the world too :)

Unknown said...

PP: Hey you see more when u travel, all I see are hotel rooms and a rushed tour.