Monday, December 26, 2005

Oh Mickey, You so fine...

I've nothing to offer
"Gasp! Not even a rose?!"
What I came up with
Is for you this prose

I've always been pampered
By your attention
Yet I seem intent
On triggering your

I'm thankful
When you pluck my white hairs
And disappointed
For the times I make you flare

I'm proud
When I make you howl in bed
But cowered
When I see your eyes all welled up
And red

Suffice to say
I cannot always be there
But my feelings for you
Now I lay bare

Relationships don't all last
Till our dying days
But I'll always remember this one
Till I'm old and gray


redcocoon said...

Wow, nice one.

Anonymous said... standing liao..

Unknown said...

Ha ha ... not bad leh...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dear! ;p

Anonymous said...

(Wolf whistle) not bad..i'm sure the intended mus b extremely did stand for a few seconds tho!kekeke...Jia you ah tiong! ;)