Saturday, February 04, 2006

God of Gambler... NOT!!

I went to the casino during Chinese new year. It's almost obligatory that one gambles during CNY, it's akin to stuffing your face with tidbits; you know it's not good for you, yet you can't help it.

Well there I was in the casino, looking for any friendly croupier at the roulette tables; my favourite poison. The 1st hundred dollars went fast, the 2nd faster. I tried any system of betting I could think of; some bordering on superstition, others just based on gut feeling. Nope, none worked. It was already 5am so I made a hasty retreat, $400 poorer. Not a big amount to lose, heck I drink that kind of money away on some nights, but enough to keep me from a peaceful nights rest.

I went back the second evening, after all there's not much to do in Christchurch city, hoping this time I have a better chance at courting Lady Luck. I struck a thick vein deep into the night and recovered most of my losses, and left at 3am, $50 poor after 2 nights. I breathed easier and though I only had a few hours rest before my flight, I felt more at ease with myself. I had came away pretty unscathed, and it's not an adventure I'll be going on anytime soon.

I understand how one can be sucked into the promise of big wins and adrenaline rush seeing that little ball bounce around on the wheel. It's the same with any other games inside, whether it's cards, dice or even the harmless looking jackpot machine, you'd be burned if you didn't exercise a good amount of restraint.

Best to just go for the free drinks and cheap food, eh?


redcocoon said...

That's why when I enter a casino, I just set aside a certain amount to play with, like a cover charge. Otherwise, with my arse luck on the tables, I just take a voyeuristic perspective and watch others lose/win big.

Anonymous said...

no wonder losing...not wearing red underwear...all the luck ran away...kekeke.