Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hot days; Warm smiles; Cool cats.

So I am back from my holiday in Hong Kong. Whoever says they go to Hong Kong to relax obviously have not been there during the Summer Sale. I was so harried after a day out that all I can do after washing off the sweat and grime off me is to crash onto bed, missing the goals from the 2 World Cup semi-finals.

Dang who'd thought that a Singapore boy like me would be afraid of the heat in Hong Kong. After dodging into countless malls to enjoy some aircon then I realised that, 1. I am not in my beachwear with a Singha in either hands, 2. I am carrying bags of shopping climbing up and down the shopping malls.

Not that I didn't enjoy it though. I let loose my inner shopaholic, darting in and outta stores like I was in a trance. Of course there are frequent stops to top up fuel by way of delicious local fare such as wanton noodles (with real shrimp!) the size of ping pong balls, roast pork with a glass of iced honey lemon, and of course dessert at Hui Lau Shan!

I had more than a dozen T-shirts, 3 pairs of sneakers, a free pass to Disneyland Hong Kong after 5 days of shopping and eating and shopping and eating and shopping...some sight-seeing, then shopping and eating and... you get the idea.

What struck me most this trip was how warm and friendly the service is here in Hong Kong. Where it used to be surly and lacking in the past, they now go all out to please you. I took the effort to commend them and said that Singapore can learn a lesson or two from them here. I kid you not, even the small eateries practise saying "welcome", "thank you", "please come again". They've given me inspiration to do more for my customers when I go back on flight.

Now if there's anywhere that says cool and hip in Asia, it is Hong Kong. I spend reasonable amounts of time checking out what people wear while they are out, and I can tell you they are not shy to make a statement. The best part is one doesn't have to pay big money to look happening; many of the top fashions and styles around the world are quickly adapted and made affordable to anyone on the street. This is not to say that they don't splurge on items that they have a liking for, namely Gucci bags of all shapes and sizes (yes, even the men are considered cool to sling a Gucci across the shoulders) . We could take a leaf outta their book and be more brave when it comes to experimenting with fashion.

Of course we made trips to teahouses, The Peak for the night scenery, Big Buddha at Lantau Island, Victoria Harbour, Wong Tai Sin Temple and Disneyland Hong Kong. I tried my hand out at photgraphy and the results? Well you'd just have to click on the Flickr Badge on the right, and please leave comments about my amateur attempt hor.

K time to go lie flat on bed. Till next time Hong Kong, our paths shall cross again.


GunnerXIII said...

Welcome home Tiong! But going on a Holiday during the World CUp period....I will never have the "courage" to do that!

Unknown said...

Well, I only missed 2 matches. Plus I'm back for the Finals.

It's not like I missed an Arsenal match, eh? Ha Ha

redcocoon said...

Good trip dude!

I feel like I need one too.

SgGooner said...

welcome back dude... did you go disneyland? heard that it's too packed. true? yeah, the shopping is good there. too good...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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