Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Davids versus Goliaths

I came back from the Liz pissed by Eboue's performance. This was a player who used to whip in pin point crosses to the likes of Henry and RvP to score. It's like he's turned into shite overnight.

After coming through 2 goals winner at Burnley, Arsenal have been drawn to play the winner from the replay between Stoke City and Newcastle United. Big up to Gooner4eva for the sms update.

Found out online that Luton drew with Pool, even though it was 2 goals scored by the Reds.

Rafa hong-gan liao.

I found a stream so continued watching the Stoke v Newcastle match.

Newcastle was either very shite, or Stoke City, like the rest of the bottom teams in the bottom leagues-eg. Burnley, brought their game up several notches. Alas, they were let down by bad luck, poor finishing, and team mates who wouldn't follow up after a strike.

In the end, Stoke will get some moolah from the replay and Fat Sam at Newcastle will be hoping he doesn't get an early kick up his fat backside out of St. James Park.

Fat Sam hong-gan liao too?

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