Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April "Pool" Days

I must admit I was concerned about SgGooner ending his blog. Even till the time I met him, I was trying to convince him to keep it going, perhaps with additional authors added to form his blogging team.

Until I read this...

I thought, as adults, we were over this April Fools' jerking joking around. Nice to know some people still have the sense of humour to play it though.

Me? I sent flowers to the office. Dunno whether the florist/recipient thought it was a joke on my part, cuz I haven't heard from either yet...

So Arsenal plays against Liverpool thrice this month. I will miss the first 2 of the trilogy of matches, due to my work schedule. I was gonna pack my pillow and get ready to cosy it up at The Liz, but then someone has to be serving the ingrates passengers on a full flight, right?

So while I'm 40, 000 feet up in the air, I am hoping that;
  • RvP to score more after he put in his 1st during the Bolton match
  • Cesc finds his form back and scores from midfield
  • The backline to contain Torres
Will rush to tune in to any updates about the match as soon as I touchdown in Johannesburg.

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Anonymous said...

will text you results bud. have a good flight!