Saturday, May 03, 2008

Super Friday

So I asked Shai and Kevin, the dynamic duo at Wala these days, to watch IronMan at Cathay Cineleisure. According to some people, it's not enough to call it Orchard Cathay, will get it confused with the one at Plaza Singapura...

I must admit that I never was a comic follower, my younger days did not allow me the luxury of it. Seeing them adapted for the big screen is always a kick, as it just takes a few clicks to find out about the characters, whether you know them or not.

So IronMan the movie was good. The hero, John Stark, doesn't start out as a hero at all, and it's kinda witty too. Jon Favreau (the chauffeur named Happy, in the movie) directs this movie adaptation, so there were many quick one-liners and some physical comedy. Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics, makes his usual cameo, this time as Hugh Hefner (owner of Playboy Magazine) in the red carpet scene.

Won't spoil the rest of the movie for others, but do stay till the end credits finish. There is an extra scene after the credits. Really, even if the cinema hall empties out, and the cleaners are sweeping the popcorn from under your feet, STAY SEATED.

And please, leave your friends who tend to ask questions aloud during the movie at home.

Psst: There will be a sequel to this movie...

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