Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We were cracking jokes about each others' naive/stupid questions in class.

She didn't like the way I gave her the "Duh!" look.

Then in front of the others, plus some juniors within earshot, she subjects me to her vitriol.

I was taken aback.

Not that I was being shouted at.

But how would I look in front of those Juniors?

Now I am frustrated.

Should I let sleeping dogs lie?

Or go down to her level, and give back as good as she gave?


linny said...

You scream, then scratch her face then smile. :)

k just ignore me.

Unknown said...

waaa so fierce...

Anonymous said...

whack her one solid time lor.... you guys have sucha big egos....

Anonymous said...

the smart man picks his battles.