Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mercy, Mercy me

Sometimes it takes just a picture, a few line in the papers to get people moving.

Now, I am not talking about Ris Low, or Tracy Ang. Those are fodder for idle time.

It was the typhoon that is sweeping across parts of SE Asia that did it for me. Pictures of helpless folks stranded by the floods, children who have lost their homes, families still trying to beef up their rickety abode against mother nature...

I went over to Mercy Relief Singapore's and read about their efforts there.

Hence, I started my weekend with a trip to the ATM and promptly transferred a modest amount to help Mercy Relief in their efforts.

It was probably what I would be spending at my favourite watering hole the same weekend anyways.


Thiang! said...

*stares in admiration*


boh tong said...

bless u tiong for ur donation!