Saturday, January 16, 2010

Less is More.

I was in danger of turning into my Mum.

Hoarding items from days of yore; the movie ticket from the 1st date, boxes from gadgets bought over the years, old uniforms, dust collecting on electronics sitting in a sad corner at home, clothes bought on a whim. And tupperware... a lot of tupperware.

It started out with a cabin bag that was excess to requirement. Then the 7.1 speaker system that wasn't making a squeak to the home theatre experience. Then the 5.1 DVD system which was a leftover for when my brother was staying with me. Good stuff, all of 'em, but bad use of space.

So word was sent out that the Haus of Tiong was de-cluttering. Of course, one has to entice them people to show. Enter Wii, steamboat and Mahjong. How they love their mahjong... The trio combo were so successful that some forgot about picking up things for a good part of the day.

However, some did go back with items that will get a new lease of life instead of sitting in a dark corner gathering sinus-inducing dust. Somewhere, someone out there is blasting their ears off with a newly acquired sound system, a room will be cooled down considerably by a large fan, stacks of CDs are being digitized into a huge archive, and hopefully someone will turn up with a better tan next time.

And at Lor Ah Soo? I can see my kitchen. Again.

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Anonymous said...

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