Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ho, ho, ho so soon??

Used to be, we didn't know where we were flying to until the next week. Now I know where exactly I'll be come X'mas, New Year, everyday before that and everyday in between. Takes a bit of the mystery away, but I'm sure it's very helpful to people with family and, to a certain extent, couples.

I thought my Nov roster was tight, December is jammed packed! Granted I have about a week off to get ready for my good friend Redcocoon's wedding dinner, but after that it's all work, work, work!

Have you noticed that they are starting to put up X'mas trees in front of the larger shopping malls at Orchard? I do get to have X'mas off this year, though where or how I'm gonna celebrate it is still very iffy at this point. Have yet to decide if I'm gonna buy any presents for anyone this year. It's all gone very commercial since 5-7 yrs back, and I think it's just a chance for people to spend their hard earned bonuses(if any), and be in a popularity contest by way of how nice, big or expensive their presents are. Yes, it's consumerism at it's prime, this time of year.

I hope after the Nov race I have some time to consolidate my energy and channel it to some specific areas. Right now I'm a bit scattered here and there, so hopefully as the year draws to an end I can be in a better position to face 2006.

So, have you been naughty or nice??


Anonymous said...

I've been nice. Gimme iSight!!!!????!!!!! LOL

powerpuff said...

I have been ... (secret... you gotta find out for yourself) hahaha