Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why you so bochup??

"You used to be so kind, so sweet. Now you're just this cynical bastard who has a warped view on most things that happen around you. I want the old ahtiong back..."

No one can argue that as one grows up, things change. Seriously, I dunno when it was that I became so blase about many things. Nothing excites me too much now. I've settled into a cruise mode, letting the world rush me by, not caring, not participating.

So, have you seen this guy?


redcocoon said...

Wow, who gave that comment? I tot you been like that for a long time - I like cynical humour anyway. But it's not all that bad. We all do our own selective caring and lovin.

Anonymous said...

I guess people tends to take those who are very nice to ourself for granted, maybe sometimes we really need to spare some time to reflect ourself....