Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hey Mama!

My place has been inundated with many visits from Mummy Dearest recently. As some of you would know, my Bro has moved out to his own new pad and I have ben left to my own devices in this humble 'ol 3-room flat of mine.

It has been given a new lease of life under the hard working and often wrinkled hands of Mummy. The rooms are spotless, most of my clothes are handwashed, and I can actually eat off the kitchen floor even! How true it is when they say that 家有一老如有一宝. Although I'd stop short of having her here on a permanent basis, it's nice to come home after a week of flights and see that I have a clean place to wind down.My stoic stance on independance has been pleasantly rattled by her visits.

I hear that in some parts of Italy, grown men still send their Armani shirts and Prada pants back home from the cities so that it can be lovingly handwashed by their Mums. Movies depicting Italian mobsters hanging to Mama's every word are not too far fetched either, I think.

Now I get regular calls from Mummy Dearest for the minutest details around the home; a carton of eggs, bring in the laundered clothes, come home for home cooked food... Honestly, I'm getting spoilt by the greatest woman alive, in my books.


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Anonymous said...

yup...agree w u.Home cooked food is still D best ah!Abt the promotion..f**k it lah.Jus b happy..bottoms up!!! No empty no count!