Monday, January 09, 2006

Complimentary Letter

Having been in my line for close to 10 yrs now, I find that service here in general is still sorely lacking, even with the recent efforts to push it to another(minimum?) level. If it's not the waiter who doesn't know the day's special menu, it's the Ah Lian who gives you scant attention at the big name boutiques downtown. Then there's the ubiquitous , "Everything's there, we no more stock behind..." All very frustrating, seriously.

I came in possession of a very nice iPod with Video last X'mas. And as with most iPods, the quest for some nice accessories got me shopping at a popular IT mall. Actually I started online, , scouring the internet forums for some ideas. After setting my sights on an XtremeMac MicroShield. I found that one shop here, macshop, is a local retailer for it's products. However, I was unimpressed the first time I was there. The one staff attending to me didn't even know they carried the brand in their shop, made snide remarks, and to top it all off, I purchased a 3rd party product thinking it was an original iPod accessory, as they had lumped them together on the same shelf. Another regular day out for the average shopper, eh??

I emailed my displeasures to the shop, having had enough of complaining to friends and getting a bad deal, yet again.

WOW, you have to give it to the sales staff at macshop. Not only did they attend to my complaint promptly, they (namely a very pleasant lady called Grace) kept me updated with the product that I had in mind via regular emails. By this time, any decent store everywhere was already carrying said product. I just simply had to go back to the same shop, if only to reward them with another satisfied and thoroughly impressed customer.

Oh, and the staff who attended to me 1st time round? Not on their payroll anymore...

I'm sure that in future if I were to cross over to the Mac-side, this is the shop that I'll be getting in touch with.

Thank you, macshop, you made my day!!


redcocoon said...

At least you got some back. My fiasco with LTA still not settled as they're absolving themselves from any blame.

I'm feeling old and tired, don't feel like following up liao... Unlike the David and Goliath fable, unrepresented individuals in reality hardly have a chance against the establishments.

Unknown said...

Dude, they are the REAL Goliath, mine's nothing la.

Rant about it in your blog then. Writing it out helps I feel. Careful with choice of acronyms though, heh heh