Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Parle vou..Francais?

Yes, yes, YES!!

We made it into the Finals of the Champions League!!

Another morning out at Singapore Grove, and the energy was very charged up. As usual it started with us ooh-ing and aah-ing at classic goals shown on the official DVD set. Deep down we were all hoping to get the match underway.

Finally the Singapore Gooners gathered, just in time for kick off. The match had its nail biting moments, but the one where a penalty was awarded to Villarreal takes the cake. Such an obvious act of simulation, yet the man in black didn't see it. Requelme stepped up for the dubiously awarded penalty...

Lehmann saves!! He saves it!

With 1 min of extra time left, I counted down to the moment the referee blew his final whistle. The Grove erupted into whoops and loud applause, followed by some good 'ol Arsenal songs. I whipped out my camera to record the precious moments. If I get things right I'll even upload a clip or two onto this space.

I'm sure too that sggooner will be giving you a blow-by-blow in his write up.

Well done Gunners, we'll see you in Paris!!

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