Sunday, April 16, 2006

Return of the amazing Blob...

I've put on a few pounds over the last year. Friends, even my hairdresser says that my face is getting rounder. I cannot fit into my pants too well, and I walk around sucking in my gut the whole day. I feel it's a combination of ho jia, ho koon and pure laziness. This is despite me being an active member of the dragon boat team. However while the rest of the team makes efforts to stay in shape on their own time, yours truly is slowly rotting away on the sofa. It's the same when I'm in school; everyone plays basketball till the cow comes home. But when the rest of my schoolmates get home they study, while I just crash onto my bed...

I think the biggest muscle that I have to work on is my brain. It just totally switches off when it comes to any form of physical effort. I can't finish another lap, can't do another rep on the bench, can't get off my back for another sit-up. Too much desserts/chips/beers and too little exercises. With the way I'm going pretty soon I'll look like my Dad, or one of my Brothers with their pot bellies. Eww.

I came across a blog where this gal posts her progress of her fight from flab to fab along with photos. I am not gonna do the same, for fear of hurting my readers' eyes. I will however, post li'l successes along the way to motivate myself.

Desserts are off my menu now, and instead of snacking while watching TV, a large bottle of water has to suffice roped in a good friend for Sunday evening runs, and will endeavor to make full use of my company gym membership. After my Ko Samui trip, I feel a close affinity to water too, and will put in some laps at the local pool.

Often when I make these promises in the past, I wanted to see results fast. That was a mistake. I have to be patient and know that slowly but surely, my body will start it's rebuilding process.


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure u can do it..for your own sake. hee..cutting down carbo really helps...oso taking in healthy carbo like wholemeals n brown rice will do too! jia you! jia you!