Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'e never been good with money. I almost always spent what I earned when I started work during my younger days.

I'd thought that I'd matured somehow when it comes to money matters after all these years. However, the need to spend, spend, spend just keeps rearing it's ugly head at me!

Not that I'm a spendthrift, no. Far from it, I think I'm quite careful with it. To a point where I almost seem too kiam siap! Recent events have made my savings take a hard right upper-cut, and I'm only trying to recover from it when I'm dealt with a powerful left swing.

Let's see.

I had just came back from a week's holiday, so that has to be paid for upfront. I just spent a bomb on a match ticket between Arsenal and Spurs, which any hot-blooded male will say is worth it so no arguments there. I'm making my way to Penang next month for a race so there's a small fortune to be spent. Now I've to pay the air-con guys about $500 so that I can sleep in comfort at night! All this and my latest credit card bill which runs into 4 figures. ARRGHH!!

My plan to save up a tidy sum is going up in smoke...

Cannot, must go back onto the rightous path. Sort out my bills, put off purchasing that new LCD screen, wine fridge and perhaps eat at more chup chai than zhi char stalls. Drink at home, rather than at the pubs (switch off lights, turn on some music, same atmosphere liao mah!). Watch my DVDs instead of paying up to $15 for a movie plus popcorn.

Not yet extreme measures, but good way to start off la hor?


Anonymous said...

hahahah...fang xin ba.Xiao cai bu chu.Da cai bu jin! Wu suo wei!Hua qian yao hua de kai xin,zi ji ren wei zhi de,bu jiu xing le?Dui bu? Bu guo ne..zong yao you dian ji xu..yi fang xia da yu maH...hahahah.. ;>

Anonymous said...

hey...time to rest ur stomach mah..too much GD food...no gd! hahah!go 4 simple food..like porridge lah..yummy!