Friday, July 28, 2006

The Man on the Beach

He was another face in the crowd, until he came into focus.

Was he a war veteran? Did he had friends or family lost in Iraq? Was he just another bum?

I shot him from a distance. On hindsight I should've went up to him and listened to what he has to say.

He sheds a tear, the weather turns moody as if to sympathize with how he's feeling beneath that tattooed skull.

I turned away, misty-eyed.


SgGooner said...

touching. they could have been fighting someone's war... anyway, where were these shots taken? tastefully taken.

Unknown said...

Santa Monica Pier

Anonymous said... makes u sit there n really look deep in2 ur soul,abt life n death,abt happiness and how alota ppl takes tings..and pple, for granted..dun u tink?

Anonymous said...

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