Monday, July 10, 2006

No.2, but proud and loud!!

I'd like to congratulate my team in securing the 2nd spot in the recently ended Singpore Dragon Boat Festival.I flew out the next morning for my Hong Kong holiday so am not sure whether the local paper reported on it or not. We had a celebratory dinner the same night, but as many of us had to go to work the next day, we never really partied our hearts out.

The Company is the very ch**by*, don't give us extra day off after race.

Still, I am always proud to see the runners up medal hanging next to my bed. I am especially impressed with many of my team members, some of whom came with family in tow as a show of support. I myself had Mummy dearest (that's Aunty Mary to the rest of you) and Mickey cheering me on while I paddled my heart out alongside my 9 other crew on that boat. I have never won anything in a competitive sport since leaving secondary school (study no high mah...) so this medal means something to me.

We are now diving back into training for the upcoming River Regatta in Nov. I am sure that we all will have the additional impetus to go all out in this, a shorter race.

Well done AirCrew Dragon Boat Club, be proud and loud!!


redcocoon said...

Well done la, dude!

GunnerXIII said...

Wah buay pai leh! Keep it up! Get the champs next time!!!

Anonymous said... proud of u guys...especially single n handsome guys..jia you! heheheh..

Anonymous said...

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