Friday, July 14, 2006


I'm going to another wedding ceremony tomorrow morning. It's a colleague of Mickey's and since she can't attend it, I'm standing in for her. Her other colleagues will be there, and since I've worked with them a few times and found them to be quite nice, I'm looking forward to it.

I cannot recall the first wedding dinner that I attended. I was but a tiny Tiong when my Mum put me in a shirt and pants ensemble, and Dad had the pleasure of brylcream-ing my curly hair down. We then took a bus (cuz Dad was a conductor then, free ride for the whole family mah) to some cheena restaurant to attend some distant relatives' son or daughter wedding dinner. There I was paraded in front of more unknown relatives in between sips of fanta orange and sarsi. The highlight for me was the food. I especially liked sharks' fin back then, probably cuz my parents made sure that I always got a 2nd serving. Sometimes my brother and/or Spunky will come along and we challenge each other by picking up salted peanuts with our chopsticks.
Ahh...good times... In my adult life, wedding dinners are more a chance for us to catch up, drink lotsa alcohol, check out the single girls and rush up to the honeymoon suite for more alcohol. I put on my best outfit for the dinner, sometimes overdoing it. Hey, if a friend asks you to attend his/her wedding dinner, the least I could do is to turn up smart right? I was ridiculed once, for going in a suit by one of them jie mei's. I promptly shot back that I don't attend dinners in my office clothes, like hers.

She didn't speak to me the whole evening.

Of course, one can feel like just a spectator amidst all the wining and dining. You sit down at the table and realise that there's no one else you know. Or you've lost touch with them others and find it hard to follow the conversation. You wonder why you agreed to give up a nice flight to London, just so you can hand over a red packet and be anonymous for the rest of the evening. Ah well, win some lose some, I say.

That said, the
best wedding dinner I attended was that of my buddy redcocoon. Though I don't remember much of it after the 3rd course of the dinner was served, cuz I was so sloshed by then, I'm honoured that he asked me to MC for the night. But I need to brush up on my Hua Yu la~


redcocoon said...

Ha, good retort to that jie mei. Nothing wrong in looking good.

Anonymous said...

wow...dat jie mei really deserve it!if she look like turning out in office clothing..she reeeeeally reeeeally deserve it...

Anonymous said...

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