Monday, August 21, 2006

Trigger Happy

I'd just came back from Melbourne, and hung out with Wen. She'd brought me to Brunswick/Smith street and I enjoyed walking around the kooky neighbourhood. Each cafe one comes across has such charactor, and almost a story to tell. You won't find a starbucks here, just cosy small shops with good coffee and sumptous food.

We'd stopped by a artiste flea market and browsed around. I enjoyed a very nice pizza at this joint called Il Bimbo! After that it was just wandering into 'herbal' shops, bookshops with outrageous titles and more photo taking of graffiti on walls that seem like art itself.

I definately am calling Wen again when I next visit Melbourne!

I just recently went ahead and got myself a Flickr pro account. Still feeling my way around with taking better pictures, so do visit my page and leave some comments eh?


Anonymous said...

Sure miss Smith Street and Swanston Street.
Wait till you come back, we shall go down to Wala Wala for a night out together with Kev and Daniel.
I'll update Kev. See ya

SgGooner said...

I'm on...

Anonymous said...

hey, was good to see you! Definitely give me a call next flight down!