Monday, October 09, 2006

Back to School

So there I was, sipping on my Tiger when my buddy told me about my Dunman High School 50th Reunion dinner.

I had, on more than one occasion, mentioned to him about a class reunion. I gamely agreed to going, and am rummaging through my closet for the school tie to go with my suit.

I don't have a clear recollection of school, the studying part that is. I was not a good student, and more often than not earned more visits to the disciplinary master than points on my report card. I suppose I didn't make any long-lasting friends there either, other than redcocoon.

Some say a class reunion such as these are only an opportunity for the alumni to go back and show off how much they have achieved since leaving school. I dare say that I am just about the only one who never furthered my education beyond 'O' levels (going to Poly for a year, and flunking, doesn't count). Past students of this SAP school usually move on to bigger things in life other than asking passengers on a plane about their choice of meals.

However, I will be holding my head up high still. I have a good career that pays well; I own the roof over my head, albeit a small one; and unlike some that I hear of, I'm still not divorced many times over!

So, 14th OCT could be my trip down memory lane, or a very big PR exercise. Failing both of which, I seriously hope they have enough alcohol to last me through the night.


redcocoon said...

Yup dude, me kinda lookin forward to the night, just for that walk down the lane.

If it does get to be a bore, Bala is just a stone's throw.

GunnerXIII said...

Dude, be who you are! Comparisons make one greedy. You are doing well and you should be proud of yourself. I wasn't a good student in school fact, I was a nasty one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff

I bet, you are flying way higher than the rest of them. I envy your job!

Have fun on the Reunion.

SgGooner said...

And if it still doesn't work out, you can always load up on the alcohol and head down to Liz. Haha... We will definitely welcome you and make you comfy for sure!

Anonymous said...

Relax brudder...
It's not the job, the money, the marriage/divorce or other things to show them off, it's about who have grown and be a better person, and that's makes a difference between boy and man.
Whatever possessions, that's immaterial.
And I am sure, you're the man.. Woohoo
Enjoy the reunion