Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Not that I've done it but...

This is farrny!!

"Passengers who are unable or prefer not to swallow may use the paper receptacle bags located in the forward seat pocket. After use, give the bag to a flight attendant for disposal."

Don't just look at the pics, read the description too!!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha reminds me of a flight i took many years ago when an angmo couple were doing 'it' under the blanket across the aisle 8-).

btw if you or any of your gooner crew mates are in vancouver this weekend, rogers sports channel 22 is showing the asnl v wat game live at 0700 local time. and if you are in vancouver, let me know, hook up for a beer!

Unknown said...

Hey gooner4eva. Thanks for the invite, will definately let ya know if i in the neighbourhood!

SgGooner said...

wah lau eh... damn farnee man. now got manual for these too ah?

and autofellatio? i'd like to see any guy trying it and not break his neck. woohoo!

Anonymous said...

for real meh????