Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fast forward, please

I'm already looking forward to Sunday. Not that I'm having a bad start to the week, no.

It's because Sunday will be my 1st trip down to Elizabeth Pub since the season kicked off! The smell of alcohol on everyone's breadth; the jostling to see that move by Cesc; the chicken wings, ooh the chicken wings...

I am already reading/hearing about how it's elbow room only since word spread that The Singapore Gooners gather there. Credit must go to the Exco members for spreading Arsenal Singapore's good name, and continued efforts whilst holding down their day jobs.

I will most definitely see the regulars there, and hopefully meet some new faces too. Maybe will chill at the pool from early evening onwards, as I doubt using tissue paper to 'chope' tables like they do at Shenton Way will make me any new friends fast...

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