Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I dream of Miyagi...

The following was quickly hammered out in the wee hours of this morning:

Here I am up at 0415 in the morning hitting the keyboards. If only I put such dedication into my commitment to start committing to exercise, I'd be a few pounds lighter liao. And probably not so obsessive about waking up at 0415 in the morning and writing down a weird dream that I just had.

Quickly; it involves Jackie Chan in a very bad sci fi/fantasy movie with a script done by some local people, one of which is Mr Miyagi. The last thing I can remember is how Mr Miyagi put his arms over my shoulder like a brudder and telling me not to believe everything that was bad mouthed about him or the movie. Oh and it got Mrs Miyagi involved too, who was carryng mini-Miyagi.

This should so go onto my blog, but I'm worried about the chain of events that it might set off, and hence result in a whirlwind of unforeseen circumstances that would just push the last breadth out of me, or just off my bed.

Which is what nearly happened before I woke up at 0415.


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