Monday, September 03, 2007


I should've posted this last night, but had to go for a course early this morning, so am only getting down to recording the events of yesterday.

Started out getting down to Holland Village to help my Sis out with her move. Her new place looks great, despite the small-ish room that she rented (but at a great price, I think). Amost every piece of furniture is from Ikea, and it's got this great musician vibe about it. It's near to where she works and I really hope she invites me over there to chill out sometime, 'cuz the place looks like a dream!

I then rushed myself down to Liz Pub to catch the Arsenal v Portsmouth match. The regular kakis where all there, along with many new faces too. I quickly ordered my drinks and spicy wings, then settled down at one corner to watch the match. It felt good to drape the Red&White around me, guzzle beer, wolf down wings and sing out loud. Ahhh... this is how all Arsenal weekends should be.

Arsenal came away with a fantastic result, and coupled with Cheat$ki's loss to Aston Villa, made reading the sports section today a joy. I am really sad to announce that I've been rostered for a flight for the London derby against Spuds. Have to start looking hard for kind souls to help me out the next Saturday after this.

Fingers crossed...


None said...

the neighbourhood opposite Hv? that area power lah deh! Got a friend stay there too with his gf and cats...i loved that place!

SgGooner said...

bro, so u gonna watch the game at shite hard pain?