Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spuds 1 Arsenal 3

We have an active forum in Arsenal Singapore. Many Gooners head there for the latest in all things Arsenal, and then some.

Recently though, a troll has made its appearance and the so called "flame wars" began. It is not something I am proud to see in a forum that I often visit and contribute to. It is all right if one who puts up posts are fans from another football club, but if you can't be constructive, at least be friendly.

Anyways, boohoo to the Spuds fans who thought this was a clash of the titans, or David versus Goliath. It was more like taking candy from a child.

Martin Jol may just be updating his resume now... Darren Bent? That dude should spend some of the ridiculous transfer fee they spent on him on a big pair of glasses; it was an OPEN goal dude!!

No matter, the Gunners put their poor cousins in their rightful place, and are top of the league at the moment with 1 match in hand.

Just wished the Gooners who watched this were at The Liz.

FYI: Just cancelled my sports channel. Save the money for beer more worth it.


SgGooner said...

great game last night, wasn't it? it's sweet to be on top and with a game in hand...

None said...

erm troll? how did spurs fan manage to register in the forum? lol

Anonymous said...

Whose picture is that?
Is he Darren Bent in disguise?

Unknown said...

-9. Ya it's an open forum. We have Man U fan in there but he's all right.

-Shai. It's Urkel from American sitcom, but the glasses should fit Darren Bent nicely.