Sunday, November 18, 2007

The futility of customer feedback

"Understand that a new verification procedure is in place for using C***bank cards overseas. The card will be declined before the customers get an overseas call on their mobile to verify that they are using the card at said location.

While it seems low tech for a company of your size, I understand the need for it.

However, there was no communication with members with regards to the above, whether by email, on the website, by a phonecall, or even an SMS.

One can imagine the poor guy who gets his card cut up in a store in some overseas shop, or be dealt embarrassing treatments when the card does not go through the 1st time. And what about those who do not pick up calls while overseas? Has the company thought of that?

I have taken the liberty of informing all my friends, since your company has not taken the initiative.

I await your reply via email"

I can only hope that they actually DO read feedback forms, and DO reply.

Think got a better chance of having Lin Chi Ling Maggie Q show up at my door and wanting to play ping pong with me...amongst other things.

*Cue drooling...


SgGooner said...

i told you c***bank is a biatch. anti-them since the last fiasco...

Junichi said...

Maggie Q is flat. hah.

Unknown said...

Whaddya know, they actually replied within a few days.