Monday, November 12, 2007

Green is In

I was in Beijing recently and a heavy fog had set in such that there wasn't much sunlight the whole time that I was there. I had to go out to eat and when I came back my sinuses acted up and a sneezing fit ensued.

The environment. It's the word that's on the tip of many developed countries' tongue, the new marketing strategy for large corporations when they churn out their products, and part of many pet projects in the neighbourhood schools.

I remember how my Mum used to make me bring empty containers of bleach back to the local provision store to offset a few cents for the next bottle purchased.

Fast forward to today, and the chain supermarket that I go to doesn't have such a scheme any more. I had just sent out an email enquiring them about it actually.

I'd gladly bring it down to them for free, if only they will take it back. And as far as possible, I bring a shopping bag that can be folded neatly away into a pocket.

I prefer to get everything via email, be it bank/credit card statements or the utility bill. Whenever there is junk mail, the reverse side is usually not printed. It makes for decent printing material really. Even shopping receipts can be used to write small notes. Refill packs are welcome too, instead of getting another new bottle of the same shampoo or shower gel.

I read somewhere that in Japan there is a push to carry one's own chopsticks to cut down the use of disposable ones in restaurants. Some genius(?) even worked out how they can hold it in women's brassiere!





None said...

i used to send those bottles to my indian mak-mak shop below my block too for a little bit of refund. Hehe

(T) (H) (B) said...

Right breast different from the left.. Weird leh..