Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kindergarten Kok

Am back from mini-redcocoon's full month party.

I carted along a diaper cake and personalized chocolates for the party, and many were impressed. Some thought that I had come up with the few lines of words on the card, but this time it was the good work of a dear friend who's doing some nifty gifts with things that go on a baby's bottom.

You can check her site by clicking here. Great gift idea, and makes a nice centrepiece at parties!

Time was I attended some of the guests' weddings and got the,"So when would your turn be?" question.

Now I get the,"You like children, have one too!"

As I caught up with my friends, I was taken back by how many of them are/soon-to-be/planning for parenthood. An old schoolmate has a boy and a girl running around the house even! I felt like a babysitter amongst the toddlers.

Imagine the riot that would ensue when I ask these friends, along with their children, over to my place for a get-together?!

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redcocoon said...

Thanks dude for everything