Monday, July 20, 2009

Better late than never...

Main and sides, originally uploaded by ahtiong73_.

It been a while since I met the motley crew for a nice meal.

It was through a casual conversation on plurk, coupled with the fact that I could not get a decent meal without burning a hole in my pocket whilst in Zurich, that I suddenly had a craving for curry fish head.

More plurking here and there, and after some googling, we settled for Ocean Curry Fish Head at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. I actually saved my tummy the whole day for this!

The thing to note about the group, some of us are fashionably late.

6pm became 7pm, meaning we settled down by 8pm. Those that got there early had ordered ahead-thankew JF and Aloe, so by the time we plonked ourselves down the table started filling up with plate after plate of delectable dishes.

Won't go into a detailed review but suffice to say all were well satisfied. The mouth didn't stop moving; we were either wolfing down the food or engaging in light-hearted banter. Not bad for $10/head.

We walked off the heavy another food area. Durians were bought this time to go with more refreshments. An eager drink stall lady had to come back to us twice for orders. Some of us had the bright idea to wash the durians down with beer. Mistake.

The gang dispersed slowly from 10pm onwards. All that food made me dizzy, and I dozed off on bed promptly.

Sunday rounded off nicely.

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Siren said...

eh!!! nabeh!!! I missed this!!!