Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shooting Blanks

It has been a while since I watched any theatre/play/musical. So I was hyped up about watching "Own Time Own Target", a play centering around National Service.

I didn't understand though, how it had to be 2 hours or more for something that has National Service as a backdrop. It's been done before and seriously, there are only those few jokes you can tell about NS before it gets old.

The play made up of 2 halves, each with its own storyline (hence, Own Time Own Target?).

Part 1 was ok, with the actors taking a stab at a recent security lapse that happened locally. It did illicit some snide guffaws from me, but that was it.

Part 2 began promisingly, with the familiar backdrop of the 1st fourteen days in BMT. I could identify with the charactors portrayed, especially the Seargent (NOT the one whose only line was "CHEEEEEEBYE") who reminded me of my own whilst on Tekong.

Smiling Tiger we used to call him...

Part 2 was excruciatingly long, and too pink even for a neutral like me. By the umpteenth ditty the performers put on I was looking at my watch, wondering when all the farce was gonna end.

And how I bolted outta that exit door.

P.S. The night did end nicely, with us cheonging all the way down to Wala Wala for the last set. Now THAT is a show!!

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