Friday, April 22, 2005

The bad news is...

Read your daily papers yet? Go on, open it up and read it. Anything good to read? I mean any good news? Like how they found a cure for a disease? Countries who have been at loggerheads made peace, forever? Or how about that little man on the street who doesn't need to eat scrapes anymore because he's found a job to live in dignity? Still looking for it...?

The biggest news outta this li'l red dot has to be the support for the building of 2 large resorts with a (small, they say) casino. As with everything on this small island they had to give it an acronym, IRs they call them, for Integrated Resorts. Now much has been said about this issue on the TV (controlled media), Papers (another one) and internet forums (you never know, Big Brother might be watching) that I won't go into it's pros - jobs, earning farangs' money, somewhere else to go on a weekend, and cons - vices, jobs going to farangs, and it becoming a white elephant.

It seems the know-it-alls have a rebuttal for every tiny dissenting voice that are heard. What if the gambling gets outta control? "Don't worry, we'll set aside $1 million (only?!!) to help set up centers to deal with them addicts." Have you thought of the social costs on an island of around 4 Million who's only resource is it's people? "Well they should be smart enough to know that the House always wins, they should stick to Toto, 4D, and betting on the lame S-league matches." What message are you sending to the young? "Well, there was this time hor when I dabbled in gambling..." You know, they are right about one thing. The House always wins.

Read about a new pay-as-you-use electric meter for poor households? A few more pages and you'd realize there are teenagers who spend the equivalent of my salary to get the right T-shirt, Jeans and Sneakers?!! With their parents money, who might have to use them new meters after giving precious junior the money to buy them clothes... What a Unique place that we live in!

Right then, someone tell me some good news??

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