Thursday, April 21, 2005

Training Day

Today I went for my 1st training for the Company's Dragon Boat Team. Bearing in mind that I have not been fit for a few months now, I went with some reservations about whether I could catch up with the rest, some of whom had been there for the last 2 training.

I got there bit earlier, did my own warm ups and stretching, thinking it'll prevent me from cramping up later. How wrong I was.

We had just finished doing 2 laps around the stadium perimeter when the coach for the day decides that we should do sprints, 100-odd metres each time. Man, this is where I seriously found out that my fitness level was the worst of the lot! Then it was on to circuit training. That was when I excused myself so that I could throw up whatever I'd had a few hours before training.

I kept myself going however, and made it thru the last few push-ups and crunches. Right before we went for the boat training, my legs cramped up, both of them, while I'm standing at the carpark! I tell you I had never had cramps like that before, I just stood there in place till it went away!

At the boat area, we were briefed about the safety aspects before going into the water. From then on it was paddling, paddling, and more paddling! My butt hurts, my knees are scraped, my arms are killing me. Yet the coach is still shouting,"one more, one more!". Are we there yet??

Training was over by early evening. I inched myself towards the bathroom gingerly. I dunno, maybe I really was the worst of the lot but the rest just zipped off as if they do this everyday!!

All in all, a good experience. If I can keep this up, I should be able to get into shape in a few months time. I'm holding my breath...

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