Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Being in a Team

Remember when you were in school and you joined a sports ECA? The team spirit, the camaraderie, the sweat and tears. Well I'm sure since most of us started working we've mostly done sports on our own ie jogging, inline skating, watching tv at home...

Well not many opportunities comes by but one just did. My company is starting up a dragon boat racing team and I've just signed up as a member. Now most who take a look at me won't think I'd cut it in the team, I mean I don't have the arms for it. However, I am looking forward to the training that will be coming and of course build up some contacts within the team.

I did my part and took over recruiting for around 5 hrs the other day. It's kinda like selling insurance, and I'm reminded again of why I never got into that line... I did manage to sign 4 persons up and that's not too bad. Hopefully more will help to spread the word and we can make up more teams to participate in other events.

I am banking on doing this for a while, putting in time and effort to make it into the team. I was a reserve when in school, in charge of picking up after training and retrieving the balls during competitions. I stuck with it just so I can be part of a team that does well in competitions (the school team was quite a good one during its time). With many ex-rowers I'm sure we can make good too. It'll be cool to be part of that team too.

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