Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Me a virgin...NOT!

There we were at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, which according to my Sis, has the best seats n sound system in town. It was a choice between the soccer movie Goal or the comedy The 40 yr old Virgin. We decided to flip a coin for it. Heads. The comedy it is then.

I saw this movie poster at the theatres in San Francisco last month when I was there, but I was too jetlagged to catch it. It stars the same guy who plays the news anchor in Bruce Almighty. You see these bit part characters all over every movie you see, and never realise how much potential they have sometimes.

So we bought tickets and surprisingly for a 9pm show on a weekday it was pretty full house. We got to our seats and settled in. Not that many commercials or previews before the movie started, which is nice.

Steve Carell plays a guy who works in an electronic store. Over a poker game his male colleagues find out he's a virgin still at 40( hence the straighforward title). The rest of the movie is really his journey towards a quest to be de-flowered. I won't spoil it for some of you, but I have this word of warning; don't be munching on your popcorn or sipping on your soda while you watch the movie. You'd just as soon spurt everything out laughing your ass off! I was laughing so hard and loud it hurt!

I haven't seen a movie for a while now, and this one is a good one to kick start it. And yes, Cathay Cineliesure is the best cinema in town.


powerpuff said...

okay.. makes me wana watch that show

Anonymous said...

was contemplating whether to buy the vcd or, going to go get one after work. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey there..believe's hilarious..i'm ezily tickled..sooo..give it a go..ault themes..not meant for pple under 18.chok dee.