Thursday, November 03, 2005

27 bottles of beer on the wall ...

The group from Samui trip decided to get together and have a nice meal at Bliss Cafe@Punggol Park. This establishment is known for serving some nice wines at reasonable prices, good food and pleasant service.

We sat down and ordered our food. I went for the filet mignon with onion sauce. Drink order, and their jaws dropped when I ordered iced tea.

"Eh you sick ah, why drinking iced tea only?!"

"No la, detox before race day mah.."

"Ha ha that's new. Wa you look so sober, not used to it leh..."

"Basket, wait till 27th, I onz you people anytime!"

"Can tahan not? Come la sip sip la."

"No, thanks."

"Come la, won't destroy your rowing strokes one."


"Come la, you don't drink we feel uneasy leh."

"Nabeh, NO means NO, can or not?!!"

"Aha see! Alcohol deficiency disorder! So grouchy!"


I'm happy to report that I came away unscathed, sober, and in a small way, triumphant.

24 more days..counting down..


Anonymous said...

Wow thats very diciplined of you, the race must have meant so much to you! Go all the way on the important day!

redcocoon said...

I'm quite sure that's not how it went dude. You were grouchy! Haha, but good discipline.