Monday, November 21, 2005

I should be so lucky...

Well the day is here. My Bro is finally moving into his new pad right across Zouk this week. Ahh a fresh start at a newly renovated 3-roomer. I remembered the first time I got my place; the sense of ownership just fills you up with pride. I just hope that he does a better job at maintaining his new flat than mine, which is in a sorry state after a short 4 yrs.

As would be the case, he bought alotta new furnishings and electrical products to make the house feel like a home. It's probably along with one of these purchases that he won a brand new digital camera, a 7.1mp Canon IXUS S700!! Dammit for a guy who won't give up his trusty old Nokia( so old I can't recall the model liao) cuz "very hardy, kena water still can use!", he's a very lucky bloke to be in possession of such a high end consumer product.

Luck. Many of us think we never seem to run into any our whole lives. We're still plowing away everyday of the week, hoping that Lady Luck will flash her pearly whites on us one day and say," Here, have a dash of good fortune, just to get you on your way." Whether it's queuing up to buy the latest permutation of numbers, inspired by the strange dream you had last night; buying on impulse so that you can fill in a couple of forms to win that new ride or spanking new apartment; or just hantum and join any reality talent contest,
sans talent, hoping someone will spot you and make you the next William Hung(where's he now, BTW?) or Hui Ge(Jacky's lackey, I used to call him) ; or go to the carpark and find to your delight that you are now the proud owner of a Ferrari Testarossa!

Ok the last one is pure fantasy, but hey one can always hope, really really hard eh??

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Anonymous said...

My dearrrrr Ah tiong,if u get ur lazy ass off the couch..n go learn drving..den talk abt getting a CAR okie? Unless u can impress a chick w/o actually driving it?WaAHAHAHAHA...K lah..u can drive in ur dreams... ; )