Friday, March 31, 2006

Chok Dee Krup!!

I am looking forward to mid-April. That's when I go on my annual trip to Ko Samui, a favourite island for many sun-loving people off Thailand. Why keep going back to the same place year after year(it's my 5th time)? Cuz it has good beaches, friendly and colorful people, food's cheap and good, and I can idle there with a Singha without having to worry about flight schedules, fussy passengers, and nasty colleagues.

I will be making this trip with my Dear Mickey. I'm sure she'll come to love it after the first few days of taking in the rays, and trying the delicious Tum Yang Koong. My good friend Clarrdy will be there with family in tow. No more hedonistic mis-adventures like before when we went as a group of young punks, but will be enjoyable nonetheless.

Though I make a living jetting from place to place, I still look forward to my holidays, if I do make plans to go on one. I always envy passengers who make numerous trips to destinations that I dreamt of when I was a li'l Ahtiong. How they must've read up about the place, made numerous enquiries, planned their itenary, saved up their bonuses, to be flown in a hunk of metal with bad air for a week or so of R&R. It's so
Chan Brothers, ya?

If there's one place I would really like to go, it's Ibiza. I'm so enamoured of that party island since I started cheonging
Velvet in my younger days. Imagine, all one does is eat, drink, and party! No bundling on a tour bus to go sightseeing, no cramming into a restaurant for some set lunch/dinner menu, no early wake up calls just so you can wait for the late comers at the hotel lobby.

Eat. Drink. Party. That's all one does on Ibiza.

I've told myself I'll go there one day, one way or another.

For now though, Ko Samui beckons!!


redcocoon said...

Dude, it's a pity i can't make it again. Have a Singha on my behalf please!

Unknown said...

yeah..will shout your name even!

Anonymous said...

And a Chang Beer..perhaps? ; )Ahhhh...samui..Still hvn got a chance to visit yet.Dreamt of basking in glorious sunshine n get more tanned..But kong fu zi say..As long there is green forest..there is always woods to burn..heheheh...Enjoy!! yeahhh!!!

Anonymous said...

orh..your mickey is dat makes her your stead lah.hai yah,makes me gong gong.that mean got more u r kong zhong shao ye..i got read your other blogs.any chio (bu) picture to see?