Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Swede balls of Fire

Right before you read on, go around your place and count out how many pieces of furniture, furnishings, l'il brick braks you have from Ikea. At last count, I have no less than a dozen pieces from the Swede furniture company. Talk about support!!

My weakness for these flat-packed thingamajigs stems from my very young days when I visited other people's home, where the owners will proudly declare where they bought that nice rug or simple yet functional shoe rack from. It's like a badge of honour to mention that yes, it was put together by their own 2 hands.
At that time there was a branch just off Katong, before one turns into Marine Parade. I used to take a bus to go there just to gawk at their line of products. I always tried to get my hands on their catalogue, circling out things that I'd like to be able to afford and imagining where I can place them in my own place when I grow up.

Fast forward 15 yrs. Everywhere you turn at my home, there's a Swede designed, 3rd world country made piece of furniture. In fact,I'm writing this on a PC table(2nd one) that was put together, taken apart cuz we got a piece wrong, and put together again in the space of an afternoon. Next to it is a toiletry trolley that I've converted into a mini bar for my copious amounts of fine spirits. Next to THAT is a small folding dining table with 2 black foldable chairs.

My entertainment room, which I recently put together for EPL nights, looks like it's been lifted straight out of the catalogue itself! I feel though, that the pièces de ré·sis·tance has to be the Malm bed in white that I put together on my own, with some help from my Bro. I remembered when I told the sales counter that I didn't need the delivery guys to assemble it for me. He gave me that,"What! You crazy, man!" look as I calmy made my purchase. My Bro and Mum thought the same too when they saw the amount of boxes that it came in, then watched in horror as the men left without as much as cutting the boxes open. I confidently told them that it was part of the experience, putting the bed together, when one makes a purchase at the Alexandra Road main store. They left me to my own devices, and I got down to work.

Work stalled after just 20 mins. I'd put in a screw the wrong way, and that took me almost an hour to get out. From there it was pure ego that kept me going. With some help from my bro, I got to lie down on my new self-assembled bed that night. Ahh..a mini triumph for me that day!

I have since added 2 Malm side tables, a new sofa and a small coffee table to my "showroom". There's still some moving around I need to do before, maybe, organising a popiah party over here. Watch this space...


Anonymous said...

REally PrOud of You!! Puts Tim Taylor From sItCom Home improvements to shame..Hope It's sturdy enuf tho...wahahahaha...Wow..u really got a knack for taking pics huh?Show us more!

Unknown said...

click on the Flickr on the side, there're loads!