Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's a Small World After All...

I'd just recently came back from LA. Would you believe that in the 10 yrs I've flown I've not visited Disneyland once? Well this trip was different. Armed with wads of cash for the merchandise I'll be coming across, and a camera that's fully charged, I started on a 1hr30min bus journey to The Happiest Place on Earth.

One would think that in LA everyone has to drive to get somewhere. Well, it has a wide network of buses and subways that are clean and efficient, if you know which ones to take that is. A tip would be to ask the hotel concierge, most of them has a timetable of sorts.

The bus stopped right outside Disneyland, and though it was a tad bit overcast that day, people were still streaming in. We bought our tickets (no crew discount though), and headed straight to Toontown to meet Mickey Mouse. Photos were taken before we joined another queue to have a snapshot of Minnie Mouse.

From there on it was a slow walk around the huge park. I'd think that any child would be drooling at the prospect of meeting the many characters that have been churned out by this company. And they showed it by buying up every merchandise in sight. Even adults were into it, gosh the power of an icon.

In a way Disneyland brought out the child in me too, though I had a closer affinity to the traditional cast rather than the new fangled ones like Nemo or The Invincibles. Yep, it's old school Goofy, Mickey, Daffy, Pluto for this man-child.

It rained towards the evening and thus the nightly parade was cancelled. We still left happy, knowing that in this big, bad world that we live in, there are still places you can go to feel like a child with no care in the world.

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