Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are we there yet??

Oh yes, yess, YESSSSSS!!


SgGooner said...

damn farnee. where did you find this street? beside the 'ARRGGGHHHHH' Ave?

GunnerXIII said...

Or was it Jalan Oooooh~~~?!

Unknown said...

Near Central Mall.. heh heh

Anonymous said...

u heard of Artillery Street? (bloody H@*LL)
Chiku Rd? (yummy)
Chin Swee Rd? (pai seh leh)
Dix Rd? (cocky)
Horne Rd? (OOOhhh...)
Jalan Istemewa? (sedap)
Jalan Rendang? (spicy)
Jalan Sotong?!? (blur like dat?)Little Rd? (how small can it b?)
Middlesex Rd? (hmmm..)
One tree Rd? (?????)

Unknown said...

Wa anonymous u publish the local directory one ah?!!