Friday, October 20, 2006

The dirty old man

"Wow that's a really short skirt, mind if I put my hands under it?'

Many would be taken aback by a statement such as the above. Yet, according to the perpetrator, it's always meant in jest. The victim was in shock by the leering bastard of a supervisor, and said nothing at first.

That's the modus operandi of these guys. They prey on innocent, unsuspecting women and get off making all these remarks.

They can go around telling people that it's the way they talk, but they must understand that this is not the 70's. Not all women can take their nonsense.

So what if he's gonna retire in a few months.

The faarker who said this has a daughter in the same company where he works.

Let's see how kindly she takes to it.

What goes around, comes around...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

TMD XYZ..sure gals wun mind...but does he mind if the ladies kick his balls b4 dat? Sickening bARrrrstard!