Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Simply Hantum one..

Most of you would notice the Flickr thingy next to my posts.

On one of those very eng days I went to start another blog. Should I call it a photo-blog? Cuz I only post photos that I took and find interesting, with nothing but a title.

No words, no links, no videos.

Just photos.

Enjoy, and post some comments lah...

Click here


Anonymous said...

It's time to play around with photoshop to push some colors to really bring out your pics. I can help :p

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering, the photos you've taken, is it from your cybershot Sony Ericsson mobile phone?

SgGooner said...

I am also just wondering, the question Shai asked, what will happen if you answer Shai "yes"?

Anonymous said...

If Sggooner is wondering if Ah Tiong happen to say yes, I'll probably buy the mobile phone, snap photos of Sggooner in a weird manner and start my own blog....Porn blog. Hows that?

NH means NH. Some things nver changed.

Unknown said...

aiya nowsadays handphone camera can take quite decent photos. my blog mostly fron 5-6mp camera la btw.

SgGooner said...

NH? What's that?

Neighbourhood Hussler?
Naked Hamster?
Nonsensical Harmony?
Normal Hammer?
Nympho Horse?
North Hole?