Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back to Business

Well. The extended holidays are over and most of us are getting back into the rat race. It's not easy, after loading up on goodies and much ado-ing of nothing. I feel like I should go on a detox diet to flush out all the bak kwa, kachang, yeo hiap seng drinks, and of course trusty 'ol Tiger beers.

I still am not in full gear yet, having come back from a relaxing trip to Johannesburg. All I did there was eat steaks, sip on wine, watch cable movies, sleep, then repeat. Sometimes I wonder how people can bare to leave this job...

I'm catching up on my blogging now. Finding a new way to blog, via my mobile was great. I hope you enjoyed the pictures I posted all the way from Japan. I always try to write something while overseas, but getting to the internet cafe can be such a biatch sometimes. I am seriously contemplating getting that laptop I've been eyeing sooner rather than later. With some useful freeware apps installed I could have a hoot while in some boring layover stations like Cairo or Amritsar...

Arsenal is going into battle on all fronts the next few weeks, starting with the Carling Cup tonight. Some are already giving the title to Chelsea, whom as far as I know don't have much of a youth team or policy. Yes, they may probably play some under-utilised guy like Shaun-Wright Philips, but still it's like a case of David v Goliath. This will be the ultimate test for the likes of Denilson, Aliadiere, Walcott to name a few. And we Singapore Gooners are turning out in full force for this one at the Liz Pub.

It's also the 2nd membership drive for the Arsenal Singapore(yes, we are now official) membership, so I will be in line to sign up.

You should too!!

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