Saturday, February 03, 2007

On the road, again.

Well I'm almost done with my tour of Seoul and Vancouver. Will be packing for another week long trip to Sapporo/Tokyo after I get back to Singapore.

It's a holiday that's been planned for a few months, and I'm excited to be heading to a place with plenty of snow, mountains of ramen, and an overload of cute and kitschy paraphernalia for the young and old.

I have planned the trip like a drill sergeant's roster, right down to the minutest detail. It sorta takes the fun out of exploring the city a bit. However, in a country where conversing in English with the locals is as difficult as finding Katong Laksa, it pays to be finicky about the where/when/who/what/how.

I've been thinking of how to keep my friends updated throughout the trip. Short of lugging a laptop or spending precious hours in an internet cafe, my next best bet is to show my holidays through pictures. If you clicked on MoBlog on the side, you'd see short entries I posted using my k800i.


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