Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 live crew

So after watching the match at Liz Pub, where Arsenal drew the Spuds, I went on down to The Pump Room at the Cannery.

There was a large crowd of ang moh celebrating a birthday, with costumes and all. I think without them jokers the place would have been d ghost town. At least, with them around, the dancefloor was packed, and some locals were more encouraged to groove it out instead of shimmying at their own tables.

Jive Talking is the resident band here. Their repertoire consists of mostly top 40 covers, and after you watch them a few times you probably would know what song they gonna perform next. Still they have quite a following, with Addy Rasidi on the electric guitar being the focus of many ladies attention. Apparently another singer Abby gets the ladies hot under the collars too.

Addy came up to shake my hand and we exchanged pleasantries, he congratulated my Sis on her album, and I wished him good sales for his coming one. Nice fella.

They put in their best efforts I'm sure, but I suspect if they can really get the crowd going like last night, if not for the bunch of Ang Mo's on the floor.

It was Dragonfly next. Now this I looked forward to. The legendary William Scorpion was gonna perform, and I was hoping to be well entertained.

Unfortunately I was late getting there, and the band was into their last set. This involved all 3 singers performing on the stage together. There was William, who by all standards was a true performer. He could pick out the regulars from where he stood; giving them high fives, drinking with them(while on stage), and backing up the other singers.

Then Celeste, pretty lady with pretty face and a nice voice. She, if nothing, provided the eye candy.

And a forgettable "Ah Boy" who didn't do much except prance around and posed lots, with his best contribution being to mimic Jay Chou's "Huo Yuan Jia".

Still they whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. And what a crowd it was. Mostly consisting of the mandarin/cantonese speaking party goers, there guys with tinted hair, and young pretty girls in their short skirts.

An interesting night out, watching 2 live performances.

So where have you cheonged recently??

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