Tuesday, April 17, 2007

With bated breathe...


I could be on my way to Emirates for the coming Man City match.

Thank you Ashley!

3 points is important, if we are to face off with Spuds with some gusto this coming Sat.

Will be moblogging from the match!

Watch this space!

NB Steve-O my fren says it should be 'baited' instead of 'bated'. Sorry ah AhTiong england a bit buay gan type...


Siren said...

Enjoy the match!!!! Damn envious... hahahah take lotsa pictures okay? If you get a chance, tell Fabregas that I love him. If not, never mind! Just celebrate the victory ;)

The Quiet Stone said...

Really envy u.... Enjoy! I think the Gunners will win big. Provided Baptista is not fielded.